Life etc.

My name is Liv, I am 19 years old and a first year Theatre Student. I currently live in York.

Musically I adore Amy Winehouse & The Smiths♥
I have a slight obsession with Cats&Owls.
The other things I enjoy:
Harry Potter,Coffee, Cheap Ciggerettes, Vintage Clothing&Furniture,Acting,Films, Ballet, Theatre, The French, The North Of England, Tattoos and The Classics.
If I was any good with money I'd love to own a bookshop and spend my days reading books & drinking coffee with a kitten on my lap.

When she stopped conforming to the conventional picture of femininity she finally began to enjoy being a woman

—Betty Friedan (via rowdyrooksy)


Tell me that I write 
For a purpose;
That these words
Are not in vain.

Tell me that you
Linger in my 
Thoughts to help
Stimulate my brain.

Tell me that I
Won’t be sorry
For these feelings
In my heart.

Tell me that you
Haven’t told me
Because you don’t
Know where to start.

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I Don't Understand.: Before And After Summer


Looking forward to the spring
One puts up with anything.
On this February day,
Though the winds leap down the street,
Wintry scourgings seem but play,
And these later shafts of sleet
- Sharper pointed than the first -
And these later snows - the worst -
Are as a half-transparent blind